How long is the application?
       Riannok will have to applicant to prepare documents for a period of 6 months from the date of the applicant to purchase the application, to be taken on all kinds of documents to complete and return them to the Riannok.

       When the process is documented complete then come back to Riannok, We will send your documents to the headquarters of the United States, to online your profile.
But, if you are concerned that the applicant cannot provide documents to meet the scheduled time, Riannok suggest that to be consulted directly, for the question for the case, that we may have the flexibility to be the case.
Do I need to drive a car or not?
Can we be contacted through the host on the Independent sites or not?
How to make my parent, to believe in this project?
How long does online to my profile after I complete the application?
How long will it take to host a match?