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Cultural Exchange Program and Two Years of Education in the U.S.A

        The cultural exchange program with an education in the U.S.A. is a collaboration between Thai International Education (TIE) the representative, and Au Pair Care Organization in witch its headquarter is based in San Francisco, California, the United States. The organization selects those who have passion and interest in taking care of children as well as staying with American family as a Child caretaker. In this case, he or she will earn a salary and an opportunity to learn American culture as compensations.

        The program is not designed for job seeker but a project that is under the control of American government to legally permit an  exchange of cultures via Au Pair. In doing so, since there is a quota that limits the number of Education ( TIE ) will be in charge of selecting applicants with interests, based on quality and personality.

        Au Pair is a French word derived from Latin which means a domestic assistant from a foreign country. In this case, one will join an Au Pair program to give a workforce as a child caretaker with an exchange of salary and a place to stay. Nonetheless, it is often that an Au Pair is seen as a member of family, and that results in a good living condition and friendly environment. However, applicants who have been accepted for Au Pair will have to embrace numbers of requirements such as an ability to adapt to American cultures, passion and patience for their role, and a willingness to abide by the rules as an Au Pair child taker.

Objectives of the program
The program is designed to provide opportunities for people who have interest and passion in taking care of children to learn American cultures, and earn some incomes.

Quality of Au Pair applicants
•    Ages not below 18 years old and not over 27 years old based on the flight date to the United States. For those 
      whose age is 26 must apply and be in the United States before 27th birthday.
•    Education is not below Mathayom 6 or grade12.
•    Female applicants only.
•    An experience of taking care of child under 2 years old for more than 200 hours.
•    Physically Healthy for taking care of child.
•    No disease or symptoms that can be infected by children.
•    No criminal record.
•    Never been to Au Pair in the United States.

Benefits of joining an Au Pair
•    A minimum wage of 195.75 Us Dollars for no more that 45 hours a week.
•    Financial supports from host family of no more that 500 UD Dollars a year.
•    Au Pair will have American official holidays as well as 2 weeks holiday with paid wages.
•    An Au Pair with a student visa can stay in the United States for another 30 days as a legal tourist visa after 
     an expiration of the visa.
•    An Au Pair can continue to be an Au Pair for another year without any further payment.

Costs of Joining an Au Pair program
•    200 Bath for and English test.
•    6,000 Bath for an application and applying process.
•    500 US Dollars for a  program insurance and a cost of organizing an Au Pair.
•    An Au Pair must also prepare a budget for personal use.