Facebook Tips for Au Pairs
More and more host families are using social networking sites to become acquainted with the au pairs they are interviewing and as a way to communicate after matching. It is very important for au pairs to consider the type of content, photos, and information they share on Facebook. Families may be deterred from continuing the interview process and perhaps even cancel a match based on information and photos the au pair shares on Facebook. Overseas partners can help encourage au pairs, who are in the matching process, to review their Facebook profile for inappropriate content and photos that may prevent them from matching. Au pairs should be further encouraged to be conscious about their usage of Facebook after accepting a match offer and throughout their participation in the au pair pro-gram. Other recommendations for au pairs: **Ensure that your “profile picture” is conservative and appropriate for families to view if they happen to search for you on Facebook **If you decide to become friends with a potential host family on Facebook, consider the content that is on your page. **“Untag” any inappropriate photos of yourself. **Do not change your “location” on Facebook until you have moved to your host family’s community. **Do not post information on Facebook about your host family or au pair experience that is defaming to the host family or to the au pair program.